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PLF01X - DUCABIKE Ducati Carbon Brake Lever Guard

PLF01X - DUCABIKE Ducati Carbon Brake Lever Guard

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System that avoids the fall due to an accidental impact involving the brake lever. In most cases the collision does not bring serious consequences but is not excluded the possibility of rollover of the vehicle.

This protection protects the lever from accidental pressures in a simple and effective. Made entirely of carbon twill with the process in an autoclave under vacuum, which guarantees resistance and elasticity at the same time.

Developed MotoGP experience revealed a superior strength and a complete lack of interference with the driver's hand in any type of maneuver or fall, as it follows a downward trend in the first part and then go back and finish the front of the levers.

After several tests have reached a flexibility controlled in such a way that in a frontal collision there is a maximum deflection of about 1 cm.

High quality product that offers more than a flawless gloss finish, the perfect couplings with the parties that must be applied and gives a touch from MotoGP to your bike.

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