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KT801 - ÖHLINS KTM RC 390 (17/18) Rear Shock Absorber

KT801 - ÖHLINS KTM RC 390 (17/18) Rear Shock Absorber

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Rear shock absorber by Öhlins for KTM RC 390.

    The STX 46 Street is based on our popular 46 mm shock absorber with divided piston and adjustable rebound damping, developed for naked sports bikes and street performance bikes. It features a large 46 mm main piston and an internal gas reservoir within the main body of the shock.

    With adjustable damping you can change the behavior of the shock to suit your taste and even fit a hydraulic spring pre loader to change the stance of the bike. This is the perfect choice for the naked sports bike, or as well call it: Street Performance Line.

    📜 Owner's manual

    🛠 Instructions for installation

    Length: 304 +10/-2 mm
    Mounted spring: 61092-41

    Type Code: S46HR1C1L

    Single tube S: Single tube

    Piston diameter 46: Piston diameter: 46 mm

    Öhlins Motorcycle type H H: Monotube high pressure gas type of shock absorber with hose mounted external reservoir.

    Öhlins Motorcycle R1 rebound damping adjuster R1: Adjustable rebound damping on single tube shocks. Adjuster wheel above the end eye.

    Öhlins Motorcycle S36C1 compression damping adjuster C1: Adjustable compression damping. Adjuster wheel or slot on the reservoir.

    Öhlins Motorcycle L L: Adjustable length.


    KTM RC 390 (2017 – 2018)

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